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QSFP28 100G Modules

100GB QSFP28 Transceivers provide a broader bandwidth, higher number of ports and lower cost per bit. Our QSFP28 are ideal for Data Centers, High-Performance Networks and Service Providers.

  • 100G Data Rate
  • 850NM - 1310NM Wavelength
  • 100m - 30km Distance
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100G AOC - Active Optical Cable

Active Optical Cables (AOC) connect two 100G QSFP28 transceivers via optical cable up to 20m and are a great, cost-effective alternative for short distances. AOC are lighter and have a smaller bending radius than the copper DAC and help save space and energy, as well as lowering the temperature in your cabinet.

  • 100G Data Rate
  • 850NM Wavelength
  • 1m - 20m Distance
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SFP28 25G Transceiver

Small, fast and economical: our 25G SFP28 transceivers are designed for data centers and 5G networks. 100% compatible and ready to be shipped.

  • 25G Data Rate
  • single & multi Mode / Fiber
  • 10m - 40km Distance
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Microsemi PoE Products

We offer the whole range of Microsemi / Microchip´s Power-over-Ethernet products. The legendary PoE systems (formerly PowerDsign) allow for great savings and bring power to wherever you need it, with their rugged outdoor models.

  • PoE Midspans
  • Market leader in PoE technology
  • up to 95W flexible and reliable PoE
  • PoE Injectors
  • Power for wifi Access Points, VOIP Telephony, IP cameras, Thin-Clients
  • PoE Switches
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Refurbished Networking Products keep running and running and running

New demands on your network usually involve upgrading your system. This does not mean you have to invest in brand new parts: Spree Fiber offers refurbished products by all leading networking brands, that are a great money-saver without compromising on quality. Plus, you are also helping to preserve resources!

  • Save money and resources with HPE RENEW and Cisco Wholesale / Cisco REFRESH
  • Enjoy long warranties and up-to-date firmware
  • Extend the life-cycle of your network
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The quality of our transceivers is the key to our success.
– Daniel Kühne, Co-Founder
Daniel Kühne & Robert von Jagow – founders
Our customers appreciate our large stock. We can ship 90% of our daily requests on the same day.
— Robert von Jagow, Co-Founder

Spree Fiber GmbH - About us

"Since 2012 we have helped the private and public sector, from education and public health to utilities and infrastructure, to make massive savings through the use of compatible networking equipment."

No matter wether you run a small gigabit network or design a super-fast data center, our team has many years of experience in selling optical transceivers and are happy to support you.

Our lasting success comes down to the superior quality of our products. Spree Fiber´s optical transceivers are manufactured, tested and updated for us to strict international industry standards by a select number of highly specialized manufacturers. Trust in our partnerships and our products is the foundation of our work. Close cooperation with our partners helps us to bring new products to market fast and find solutions to your networking challenges.

Due to our global network of customers and suppliers we also offer switching, routing, security and wifi products by many leading networking brands, as well as networking accessories, like optical fiber cables.

Spree Fiber also provides refurbished HP RENEW and Cisco Wholesale / Excess products if you want to save money and resources. It is a great way to extend the life-cycle of your tried and tested network products and slows down the cycle of constant upgrades to newer versions.

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